About Us


The Nashville Soccer Archive is maintained and published by Clay Trainum, a former college sports media professional based in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

This website is a labor of love that has evolved over the years, and as information continues to get added to the site, it’s important to recognize some of the folks that have contributed to the growth of this project. One of the primary drivers in the early days is Aaron Ordoubadian Black, himself also a Nashville soccer history nerd. There are also many thanks to go around, including to James Cannon and Austin Gwin, formerly of Nashville Soccer Club, as well as current club employees Chris Jones, Andrew Fair and Ron Deal. In addition, a hearty goes to former Nashville Metros owner Devinder Sandhu and the United Soccer League’s Nicholas Murray. A special recognition is also due to Middle Tennessee State University’s James E. Walker Library, which houses a microfilm collection that makes up the bulk of information from soccer’s early days in Middle Tennessee.